Tips To Stay Healthy This Summer


Tips To Stay Healthy This Summer

High temperatures compromise sperm quality and increase the risk of infertility and. Research proves that infertility is more prevalent among full-time firefighters. Soaring oven temperatures experienced by bakers also makes them more prone to a similar risk.
Excessive heat, occupational or seasonal, can be harmful to male sexual health. Thermoregulation of the testicles is a core aspect of healthy sperm cell development. Sperms are more sensitive than the rest of your body and proliferate at a temperature of at least 2-4 degrees below normal, which is the reason why the scrotum sacs are located outside of the body to maintain this lower optimal temperature.

How Heat Exposure Adversely Affects Male Sexual Health

Heat Stress Cycles Lower Sperm Quality, Increases Risk of Infertility

Scientific studies show interesting facts on the nature of damage caused to sperm from extreme heat conditions. A recent study by Maya-Soriano and team confirmed that continued heat exposure leads to a decline in sperm quality, and in some cases, causes sterility. Experimental tests on continued exposure to summer circadian heat stress cycles for more than 3 hours a day showed that high temperature has a negative effect on total and progressive sperm motility.

Oxidative Stress Lowers Sperm Count, Motility, and Quality
In another study, researchers suggested that oxidative stress is responsible for the damage done to testicles in high-heat environments. They observed that too much heat caused sperm count to decrease in the epididymis as well as the ejaculate. Sperm exposed to heat were far more defective and less motile.

Dehydration Lowers Availability of Sexual Hormones, Sperm Nourishment
Your body secretes sexual hormones such as testosterone, LH, and FSH for normal sperm production. Dehydration causes the blood vessels to constrict and prevents hormones from flowing to the testicles. These hormones may also be affected by toxins present in the blood as the kidneys are no longer able to filter them out.

A well-hydrated system is also necessary to produce healthy sperms which contain 90-95% water content. Insufficient water translates to inadequate nourishment for the sperm to fertilize the ovum. It also decreases seminal fluid secretion, leading to thicker semen with decreased sperm motility.

What to Do In Summer for Optimal Sperm Count and Quality

Summer heat waves may put you at risk of low sperm count, vitality, morphology, motility and DNA fragmentation.

  • Summer days are longer than usual, and inadequate sleep may lead to a drop in testosterone levels, affecting sperm production
  • Tight Clothing raises the temperature of the scrotum and may affect sperm count
  • Being overweight may create a thin layer of fat around the testicles and raise their temperature
  • Dehydration can alter your normal pH levels and adversely affect hormonal levels. Less availability of fluid in the body makes semen viscous and causes semen volume and sperm count to lower considerably.
  • Dehydration in combination with the presence of a bacterial infection can lead to Urinary tract infections (UTI) which can be very painful but easily treated with a course of specific antibiotics.

To avoid damage from heat waves, follow a few simple practices.

  • Try to stay indoors when the temperatures soar during summer
  • Wear loose clothing that allows air circulation and deflects heat
  • Take a short shower or swim to cool off midday heat
  • Get a good sleep to support optimal male sexual health
  • Stay hydrated, especially when working in a hot environment
  • Keep your weight under check to prevent over-heating your testicles from the blanket-effect of the fat layer
  • Strictly avoid sauna and hot baths

Although this is a good rundown of what you can do to promote sperm and semen health and lower chances of infertility, it is always advisable to go for doctor consultation and get a professional and evidence-based explanation to the problem you are experiencing.
If you are experiencing any pain or suspect that you may have a change in your sperm production or sperm quality, schedule an appointment with your Andrologist and get your semen tested.
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