Semen Culture

Semen Culture Test: Essential for Male Infertility Evaluation

Microorganisms and bacteria present in semen can contribute to oxidative stress, a condition where there is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. This oxidative stress can damage sperm DNA, leading to DNA fragmentation. High levels of DNA fragmentation in sperm are associated with reduced fertility, as it can impact the sperm’s ability to fertilize an egg and develop into a healthy embryo. Therefore, infections in the reproductive tract that increase oxidative stress and DNA fragmentation in sperm can be a contributing factor to male infertility.

What is the Semen Culture Test?

This test involves culturing a semen sample to detect the presence of bacteria or fungi, which can indicate an infection in the reproductive tract.

Why is it Required?

It’s crucial for identifying infections that may cause or contribute to infertility, such as affecting sperm health or blocking reproductive pathways.

Who Should Do This Test?

Men with symptoms of infection (e.g., discomfort, unusual discharge), poor semen analysis results, or unexplained infertility are advised to undergo this test.

What Will the Results Show?

The results will identify or rule out infectious agents in the semen, guiding appropriate treatment.

Usefulness in Male Infertility

Detecting and treating infections can improve semen quality and fertility outcomes, making this test valuable in the fertility evaluation process.

Semen culture is a key diagnostic tool, offering insights into infections that can impact male fertility and guiding effective treatment strategies.

How can I get a Semen culture test done?

Patients wanting to get a Semen culture test done can call the Andrology Center at +91 94437 93934 or fill in the Make an Appointment form below. You can provide your sample at the Andrology Center, Coimbatore on the scheduled date of your appointment.

Getting a semen test

Patients interested in semen analysis can contact Andro Diagnostics at +91 XXXXXX or complete the Make an Appointment form. Semen samples can be conveniently provided at Andro Diagnostics, Coimbatore, on the scheduled appointment date. This one test unveils critical insights into male reproductive health, setting the path for informed decisions and potential solutions.

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