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    What is the Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test?

    The SCSA® Test evaluates sperm DNA fragmentation, essential for fertility success. It surpasses traditional semen analysis by assessing genetic quality, aiding male infertility diagnosis. Measuring %DFI and %HDS, it guides treatment strategies for enhanced reproductive outcomes.

    Factors Influencing Sperm DNA Fragmentation:

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    Why choose the best SDF Test - the SCSA®️ Test?

    The Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay (SCSA) offers a sophisticated, quantitative approach to assessing sperm DNA integrity, providing valuable insights that are critical for effective fertility treatment and management.

    Precision Diagnostics with Clinical Impact:

    The SCSA test precisely measures sperm DNA health, guiding effective fertility treatment choices like ICSI for high DNA fragmentation cases.

    Enhanced Treatment Outcomes:

    Insights from the SCSA test enable clinicians to customise treatment plans, improving conception success rates and lowering miscarriage risks. HDS values help decide on use of ejaculate or testicular samples for ART treatments. 

    Informed Decision Making and Counselling:

    The SCSA test's ability to predict fertility outcomes allows for personalised preconception advice and strategic family planning.

    Risk Assessment for Miscarriage:

    High DNA fragmentation levels, indicated by the SCSA test, are linked to increased miscarriage rates, informing risk management strategies.

    Who Should Take the SCSA® Test?

    For couples seeking fertility treatments, the SCSA® Test assesses sperm DNA quality, aiding treatment selection beyond traditional analysis. It offers insight into genetic integrity, crucial for conception success, potentially reducing emotional and financial strain from unsuccessful cycles.

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    SCSA® Test FAQ's

    The SCSA®, or Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay, is a test for male infertility. It quickly and accurately identifies men who are less likely to achieve a full term pregnancy naturally or with ART. It does this by determining the percentage of sperm with high levels of DNA fragmentation, i.e. the DNA Fragmentation Index (% DFI) as well as the percent of sperm with abnormal proteins (%HDS) and morphology that may inhibit fertilization.

    The test is based on well-established research and methods. Developed over the course of more than 20 years, the SCSA® has been the subject of more than 125 articles published in peer-reviewed journals and periodicals.

    Once we receive the samples for analysis, we assure that the patient and physician will have the results within 2-7 days.

    No, you could contact Andrology Center directly to order the test.

    Contact Andrology Center to find out about sending samples to the test center.

    Please contact the Andrology Center for the cost of the test.

    No, not at all, like other routine semen analysis tests, a semen sample is collected from the patient and then processed and the results generated as a report for the patient and physician.

    No, this SCSA® test is a diagnostic test to determine the level of sperm DNA fragmentation, which is a major cause of failed pregnancies.

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