TB PCR Testing for Male Infertility Health

Understanding the Semen TB PCR Test

The Semen TB PCR Test utilizes Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology to detect the genetic material of tuberculosis (TB) bacteria in semen. This highly sensitive test is crucial in identifying TB infections that may impact male fertility.

Why is the Test Required?

This test is vital for diagnosing genital tuberculosis, a potential but often overlooked cause of male infertility. It’s especially important in areas with high TB prevalence or in cases with unexplained infertility

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Who Should Undergo This Test?

Men experiencing unexplained infertility, particularly in TB-endemic regions, or those with a history of tuberculosis, should consider this test. It’s also advised for individuals with abnormal semen analysis results where TB infection is suspected. Interpreting the Results

A positive result indicates the presence of TB bacteria in the semen, suggesting an infection that could be affecting fertility. Conversely, a negative result suggests the absence of TB bacteria, pointing towards other causes of infertility.

Utility for Patients with Male Infertility

Positive findings guide the need for targeted anti-tuberculosis treatment, which can potentially improve fertility outcomes. This test is a critical step in formulating an effective treatment plan for men affected by genital TB-related infertility.

Overall, the Semen TB PCR Test offers valuable insights into the role of tuberculosis in male infertility, enabling targeted treatments and better management of this condition.

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After analysis  of the results( according to WHO standards) the treating doctors determine whether  Assisted Reproductive Technology will be needed for  further fertility treatment . Further tests may be advised to gauge the extent of infertility, such as genetic tests, hormone tests, blood and urine analysis, sperm function tests, and anti-sperm antibody tests.

Semen analysis guides childless couples toward appropriate infertility treatment options.

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Getting a semen test

Patients interested in semen analysis can contact Andro Diagnostics at +91 XXXXXX or complete the Make an Appointment form. Semen samples can be conveniently provided at Andro Diagnostics, Coimbatore, on the scheduled appointment date. This one test unveils critical insights into male reproductive health, setting the path for informed decisions and potential solutions.
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