Who Should Take the SCSA® Test?

Who Should Take the SCSA® Test?

Many couples trying to conceive look for various fertility treatments and could end up going through a number of cycles of fertility treatments. It is not only time consuming for them, but also an emotional and financial burden facing the unsuccessful outcomes. Doing the SCSA® Test for sperm DNA fragmentation, will be helpful for them in assessing their Sperm DNA quality and then choosing the most suitable fertility treatment option. Furthermore, the routine semen analysis measures only what is seen on the outside of the sperm – the SCSA® test measures what the light microscope cannot see, namely the extremely important integrity of the male genome.  It’s what on the inside that really counts!

DFI Test

Indications for Male patients who may benefit from a Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

  • Couples with unexplained Infertility

  • Couples with persistent Infertility even after treatment of the female partner

  • Couples considering ART or those who have had previous failed cycles of IUI/IVF/ICSI or treatment

  • Recurrent miscarriages or early pregnancy loss

  • Men considering Varicocele Repair or men who have borderline varicocele

  • Couples who have had previous fertility treatments with arrested embryo development or poor blastocyst development

  • Trying to conceive couples where the male partner is/has:

  • Poor Semen parameters

  • Advanced male age

  • On certain prescription medicines

  • Exposed to toxic agents, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or radiation

  • Had Urogenital infections

  • Been treated for Cancer.

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