Sample Reports & Information Forms

Sample Reports & Information Forms

The SCSA® or Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay report format is the same worldwide. The report provides the graphical representation on the %DFI (DNA Fragmentation Index) as well as the %HDS (High DNA Stainability). The HDS value is unique to the SCSA® Test and is a measure of immature nuclear proteins in the sperm.

Furthermore, the SCSA® Test is the only test which distinguishes the %DFI into moderate damage and high damage. This has clinical significance as the higher the ratio of moderate to high damage, pregnancy outcomes may be negative. This is because sperm with moderate damage tend to show normal nuclear morphology and may fertilize, but their damage may be beyond the repair capacity of the egg.

Below are sample SCSA® Test reports showing a sample with low %DFI (good sample report) and very high %DFI (poor sample report).

Please find sample collection, processing and freezing instructions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information. We require only the native sample to be flash frozen and sent to us for testing. We also request our patients to complete our Patient Information form when providing a sample for the SCSA® Test. The data given in the form will be helpful in report interpretation.

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