Benefits of the SCSA® Test

Benefits of the SCSA® Test

The SCSA®Test is considered as the GOLD STANDARD for sperm DNA analysis.  This sperm DNA fragmentation test gives a reliable assessment of the quality of sperm DNA. This test is beneficial to both the patient and the doctor in making a clinical diagnosis and helping in the management and treatment of male infertility.

For Patients:

  • The SCSA® Test gives a conclusive report on male reproductive health.

  • It guides patients on best method of treatment to be undertaken.

  • It answers previously unanswered questions on failed fertility treatments.

  • It reduces the emotional and financial burden of undergoing futile fertility treatments.

For Doctors:

  • The SCSA® Test provides a quick and accurate report on Sperm DNA quality.

  • It is far superior to the other Sperm DNA fragmentation tests.

  • It helps physicians to make a better decision on further treatment options for the couple.

sperm dna fragmentation test

Why should you choose the SCSA® Test?

This SCSA® Test is the only standardised Sperm DNA Fragmentation test, which has clinically validated threshold values making interpretation of the clinical test report accurate. Since the SCSA® test uses a laser based Flow Cytometer instrument, there is no operator dependant variation observed and between 5000-10000 sperm cells are analysed in duplicate measurements, making it the most statistically robust Sperm DNA Fragmentation test available currently.

The report formats have been standardized as per worldwide specifications, and the report values generated by Andrology Center can be used with complete confidence against the clinically validated threshold values which have clinical significance. Unique to the SCSA® Test report is the %HDS values which have high clinical significance, as studies have shown that %HDS values above 25% result in negative pregnancy outcomes.

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