Semen PCR, a sensitive and specific method for early diagnosis of male genital tuberculosis

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Semen TB PCR

Tuberculosis, more commonly recognized as TB, is well-known to all as a pulmonary disease that causes severe symptoms in affected persons. But it is not a very well known fact that TB can also be one of the uncommon reasons for infertility in a male.

What is Semen TB PCR?

Tuberculosis is one of the most dangerous infectious diseases that cause severe damage to the body. The bacterium that causes tuberculosis is Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which is a pathogen that colonises the lungs and causes pulmonary infection as the primary symptom. The spread of the bacteria to other parts of the body can result in extra-pulmonary TB.  When the pathogen is present and multiplies in the male reproductive tract, it is known as genital TB and can cause blocks in the reproductive tract leading to Azoospermia in some cases as well.  This type of infertility is a condition where the semen will not contain sperms for reproduction. However in some asymptomatic cases, the doctors suggest the Semen TB PCR, where PCR means Polymerase Chain Reaction. This PCR is a very significant clinical procedure to check the semen sample of the male for the presence of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA.

How does the test work?

“Can TB cause infertility?” is a shocking question amongst the patients. The presence of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA can be identified in the reproductive fluid of the infected patient. There are so many other kinds of clinical tests, which can be undertaken, like collecting pulmonary and extra pulmonary samples and smearing them on a media and culturing them under laboratory conditions. These processes take a lot of time and also are not very specific. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a very tricky organism that takes a long time to grow in a smeared culture medium, unlike other bacteria. So before the results are obtained, the infection would become severe in the patient. The Semen TB PCR will effectively identify the DNA of the causative agent and produce precise and specific results thereby helping the doctors to start the respective treatment.

Who is this test for?

This test is mainly for male patients who suffer from genital TB. The onset of this infection is unknown as such men are asymptomatic. This infection mostly manifests in the epididymis of the male genital organ and scarring is usually the physical symptom that is seen in severe cases. The doctor also might suggest this test for men who have idiopathic obstructive Azoospermia and a previous history of TB infections. This test is also suggested for the male patient of the couple, who wish to have a child after tuberculosis treatment.

Benefits of this test

TB and male infertility is a very serious problem that has to be tested at the right time for proper treatment.  This test will help the doctors identify the asymptomatic condition in a man with genital TB at the right time and help the couple in further reproductive treatment management after tuberculosis treatment. PCR is a very specific technique that will help in identifying the pathogenic M. tb DNA in the semen sample of the patient. This test adds a subjective advantage to the treatment of infertility in men with genital tuberculosis.

How can I get a Semen TB PCR test done?

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