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The first and most basic investigation in Male Infertility

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Semen Analysis

Semen analysis is a very important test when it comes to identifying the male reproductive health. This Semen test is done to examine the sperm or the male gamete that is present in the semen.

What is Semen Analysis?

Semen analysis test is a test that is done to estimate the amount and quality of sperm that is present in the semen. Apart from the number of the sperm, the quality of the sperm and it’s different features are examined. This is the first and most basic Semen test that is done to help determine the fertility potential of a Male. Semen is the fluid like substance that is ejaculated from the male reproductive organ (penis). This fluid contains the viable male gamete – the Sperm, proteins, enzymes and sugar substance mainly fructose.

Based on the WHO criteria, a Semen Analysis test is done to assess the major parameters of the sperm, some of which are listed below:

  • Sperm count
  • Ability of the sperm to swim (Motility)
  • Velocity or forward progression of the sperm
  • Size and Shape of the sperm (Morphology)
  • Total semen volume
  • Liquefaction time of the semen
  • Seminal fructose level

How does the test work?

This Semen test is done at the initial stage of every infertility treatment for a male. This test might also be done for a male who has undergone a vasectomy (male family planning procedure). As the name goes, the semen of the male is particularly analyzed to assess the different parameters of the sperm.

When the doctor advises a male to undergo semen analysis test, he is advised to avoid sexual activity or intercourse, 2 to 5 days prior to the test. As the sperm count varies each day, this test is repeated at regular intervals to get a proper and consistent value. The average of three or more Semen Analysis reports is considered as the sperm count of the individual.

The semen sample can be got in different ways from the male. For the test, the male is advised to masturbate, use a non-spermicidal condom to get the ejaculated sample or use other methods suggested by the doctor. In any of the above mentioned sample collection cases, the sample should be kept at room temperature and laboratory analysis is started typically after one hour of sample collection. The Semen Analysis procedure is a microscope based test where 100-500 sperm cells are analysed before producing the Semen Analysis report.

Who is the test for?

This Semen test is for the male patient of the couple, who have difficulty in conceiving even after repeated healthy sexual practices. Such men are advised to undergo this test to determine the quality of their sperm which will aid in Male Infertility assessment.

Benefits of the test

Semen analysis test report gives detailed information about all the aspects of the sperm. This also lays the foundation for the identification of the fertility issues in a male. Conditions like Oligozoospermia (semen with a low concentration of sperm) and Azoospermia (semen with no sperms in it) and such other problems can be identified using the semen analysis.

The aspects that are determined are:

Morphology of the sperm: Morphology is the shape and size of the sperm and this test measures the number of the sperm in the semen that has normal and abnormal morphology.

Liquefaction time: Semen is a thick fluidic substance that contains the sperm. After ejaculation, within 20 minutes, the semen should normally liquefy to make the movement of the sperm easy. This liquefaction time also plays an important role in the fertility of a male.

Motility of the sperm: Sperm have the ability to swim and move forward in the liquefied semen. This ability to move is called as motility. In a particular amount of the semen, the motility of the sperm can be identified. This is called as the motile density of the sperm.

Fructose level: The sugar substance that is found along with the sperm in the semen is fructose. This sugar provides the energy required for the sperm to do its work.

Sperm count:  It is the total number of sperm that is present per ml (Milliliter) of the semen. The normal range of sperm count should be 15 million sperms per ml as per WHO recommendations.

Total semen volume: This is the quantity of the semen released from the male in one ejaculation. The normal volume of the semen should be 2-5 ml per ejaculation.

All these parameters are very helpful to assess the male reproductive health. This one test will reveal so many details about the quality of a male gamete.

Post Semen analysis

After the sperm test is done, the result of the semen analysis is compared with the WHO laboratory manual, 2010. The results will help the doctors evaluate whether an Assisted Reproductive Technology is essential to aid pregnancy in such couples.

After all the above mentioned parameters are thoroughly examined, the doctors might advise the patients to undergo further tests to ascertain the level of infertility, like

  • Genetic tests
  • Hormone tests
  • Blood and Urine analysis
  • Sperm Function tests
  • Antisperm antibody test

This analysis might help the childless couple focus on the proper treatment to overcome their infertility.

How can I get a Semen test done?

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