Preparing for your “Big Day”


Preparing for your “Big Day”

Marriage is one of the life changing aspects along with career and the decision to have kids. Consequently, the decision to get married brings with it a sense of anticipation and excitement which can also transform into anxiety about one’s readiness for the Big Day, not only in terms of financial and social standing, but also about health and especially, reproductive health. Indeed, there are many men who obsess about whether they are physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for marriage which increases as the Big Day approaches. Moreover, it is also natural to be apprehensive about one’s sexual health and more so, about whether one are “clean” so to say in terms of STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) and other such conditions. Of course, men also have stressors in terms of perceived notions about “virility” which can add to their stress levels as the Big Day nears.

What more, we guarantee complete confidentiality and privacy that should put you at ease as well as a counseling session where our trained experts guide you through the physical health and mental well being aspects of marriage.

Having said that, in recent years, it has also become the norm for prospective partners to insist on the other getting checked for STD’s including HIV (Human Immune Virus) so that the married life begins on a confident and trustworthy note. Given the fact that our modern lifestyles bring with them the possibilities of pre-marital relationships that can become physical, we understand if you and your prospective life partner would like to reassure themselves of the soundness of other’s physical and sexual health.

In addition, before you say, I Do, there is the aspect of your readiness for sexual intercourse and related aspects that can make or mar the chances of your union. Thus, we also provide a doctor consultation that includes special attention to your specific queries about your ability to conceive so that you and your partner can be at ease as the Big Day nears. Indeed, you can also be briefed on the optimal methods for conceiving in the first or second year of marriage. In other words, whether you are planning for a baby immediately after your wedding or you would like to “wait”, we offer expert advice on the best means for both.
Lastly, men tend to seek advice about these aspects from their peers and friends who might or might not have the informed knowledge on these matters. This is where Andrology Center with its experience and expertise can help you before you say, I Do, and enable you to say, Yes, I Can.

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