Keeping calm during the storm – with infertility issues


Keeping calm during the storm – with infertility issues

The pandemic has really hit us badly! The effects have been at various levels – devastating, bad, bearable and so on. One question that has been worrying those who have been planning to start a family or are in the midst of fertility treatment or planning to start treatment.. “What do we do in this situation?”

Some suggestions are given below.

Taking care of emotional as well as physical health is important. With social distancing and many people working from home, an advantage is that there is more time on hand, without having to rush with commuting to work or attending public events. This extra time can be used to nurture your mental and physical health.

Stress reduction: Yoga and other deep breathing exercises help to relieve stress and studies have shown probable links with improved fertility rates with people who practice these exercises. You can join an online yoga class and have the privacy of exercising in your own home and still have the expertise provided by the professionals.

Nourishing food: Eating nourishing food can help improve infertility. In the case of men, inclusion of tomatoes, capsicum, broccoli, garlic, pumpkin seeds, lentils, walnuts, blueberries and pomegranates can contribute to improvement in fertility. For ladies, an anti-inflammatory diet will keep endometriosis at bay.

Mindfulness: Practising daily mindfulness is an effective way to keep your mind active and to relieve stress. There are mindfulness apps that can help in establishing a daily routine. They will also track your adherence to the routine.

Support group: Joining a virtual infertility support group gives you the opportunity to share your experiences with others and makes you realise that you are not the only one going through such a situation. Interaction with others is a healthy way of expressing emotions and possibly obtaining support and guidance.

Time outdoors: Although lockdowns in most places are over, it is still advisable to maintain social distancing with the added precaution of wearing a mask. If there is a facility of a park nearby, just going for a walk on your own, away from others, will offer exercise and a sense of calm amidst the beauty of nature.

Although following these suggestions will definitely make you more relaxed and able to face the future, it is strongly advised that you first contact your fertility specialist for professional advice and guidance, based on your individual need. There is no need to fear – help is at hand!

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