Fish oil supplements tied to Sperm Health

Fish oil supplements tied to Sperm Health

As is well known, human sperm quality has declined worldwide in the last 50 years. Researchers have felt that it is really important to find the factors associated with this decline, some of which have been put down to pollution, smoking, alcohol, lack of physical activity, unhealthy diets and stress.

Almost everyone is aware that Fish Oil supplements, with Omega-3 fatty acids, are good for the general health (like the heart) of a human being. However, recently, a rather “unsurfaced” asset of fish oil supplements has been proved – that taking such supplements may also help in the improvement of sperm health and thus assist in male infertility.

Research studies have shown that average age, healthy men who took fish oil supplements over a period of three months, on at least 60 days, had a higher sperm count, a larger amount of normal sperm cells, healthier motility of individual sperm and, on an average, a semen volume which was higher and testicular size larger, with higher free testosterone levels. Another advantage was that the follicle-stimulating hormone levels and luteinizing hormone levels were lower, thus indicating better testicular function.

The addition of Omega 3 fish oil to healthy habits will also reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. Further clinical trials showed that even older men had better sperm counts after improving their Omega-3 intake.

Another effect which was noticed in men taking fish oil supplements was the dosage. Those who took supplements on more than 60 days had better function of the testicles than those who took them not so often.

While everyone can benefit by adding Omega 3 fatty acids to their diet, the greatest impact would be on those with poor sperm quality. Quoting from a noted Professor in a University in Denmark, who has done research on this topic, “The composition of the sperm cell membrane with rich fatty acid content is critical for proper sperm function. The sperm cell membrane plays a critical role in the key fertilization events. Omega-3 in the sperm membrane increases as the sperm matures and it cannot be synthesized . . in humans and needs to come from diet.”

Fish oil supplements are easily available in the form of tablets or liquid, and they can be taken at any time during the day. However, it is advised that the supplement be taken with a meal, because, if taken on an empty stomach, the person may feel nauseous.

The person concerned should also be aware that taking fish oil supplements can sometimes cause side effects such as minor gastrointestinal problems like indigestion, gas or diarrhea. Fish liver oil contains high levels of vitamins A and D and too much of these are not good for the system. Also those with allergies to fish or shellfish should avoid taking fish oil supplements. However, hardly any effect has been noted at the sperm level or motility, except for maybe a slight decrease in the total Omega 6 level.

While fish oil supplements definitely help in improving sperm health, we cannot say that there is a cause and effect relationship between fish oil supplements and testicular function. However, it would be a good try for a person with low sperm count to see if there is any improvement after taking fish oil supplements which are, in any case, good for general health as well. And, who knows? It may also result in achieving what has just been a dream so far!

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