Exploring new heights in 2018 with reduced rates for SCSA® Test


Exploring new heights in 2018 with reduced rates for SCSA® Test

2018 has been a wonderful year at Andrology Center! We are thankful to all our existing clients and customers and we look forward to welcoming many more new customers in 2019!

2018 makes 6 years since the SCSA® Test was introduced in India by Andrology Center. Andrology Center is the FIRST and ONLY centre in India licenced to conduct the genuine SCSA® Test. Only the genuine SCSA® test report values will have clinical correlation and help clinicians and patients with further treatment management.

We at Andrology Center endeavour to help couples who are trying to conceive by giving them answers with respect to their sperm DNA quality which has a direct impact on the success of a pregnancy be it natural or an ART pregnancy. With recent expansions, we are now able to reduce our SCSA test costs significantly making it more affordable to patients and centres while still maintaining the high standards of quality and accuracy of the SCSA® Test report.

With the guidance and support from Dr. Don Evenson and his team at SCSA® Diagnostics, USA, Andrology Center has analysed many thousands of samples from across India, helping many couples choose the most appropriate fertility treatment or giving them answers for previous failed fertility treatments. We are proud to be associated with many reputed Fertility centres across India.

Our Promise – We offer you the best and only standardised sperm DNA Fragmentation test at the most competitive market rates! What makes us stand apart from the rest is our highly professional service starting from sample pick-ups, to sample analysis and report generation to even helping with report interpretation. We are here to help you and your patients in any way possible!

Sperm DFI integrity plays a role in recurrent miscarriages and pregnancy losses and even failed Fertility treatments. Hence, choosing the right Sperm DNA Fragmentation or Sperm DFI test is very important as only standardised clinical values can guide you in choosing the most appropriate further clinical management which will give you the best results with your ART or Fertility treatments.

We at Andrology Center do not compromise on quality and customer service. The SCSA® Test is the only standardised sperm DNA fragmentation test that has clinically validated threshold values which makes a big difference in further treatment management.

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