Busting myths about Infertility

Busting myths about Infertility

Infertility, and especially male infertility, is a growing problem in India. Affecting nearly 30% of all couples, infertility is becoming more prevalent by the day in India. However, it is not always the case that infertile couples take steps to address the problem by seeking professional help, and more often than not, infertile couples withdraw into their shell and have marital disputes as well as tensions between them and with their families. This is due to many myths prevailing about infertility that prevents them from seeking help. We at Andrology Center are here to help infertile couples, and especially the men who often believe in mumbo jumbo and pseudoscience as a cure to their infertility.

Infertility is a Female Problem

The tendency to blame the women for the inability to conceive is especially strong in the Indian context where the prevailing societal and cultural attitudes stigmatize the men for admitting that they are infertile. With studies showing that nearly 40% of all infertile couples being so due to the infertile men, infertility is anything but a female problem. This often leads to depression and differences between the couples and can also lead to messy divorces and mutual recrimination. However, by seeking help from Andrology Center, infertile men can lead fulfilling lives and the couples can conceive children.

Male Age doesn’t matter

Male Age does matter as far as infertility is concerned and studies have shown that as men age, their capacity for fertility also decreases. Indeed, research has shown that men tend to develop symptoms of infertility from the age of 40 when the quality of their sperm starts to decrease. Further, the longer couples wait to conceive, the more are the chances that they would have problems conceiving, in addition to increased incidence of miscarriage. Thus, male age does matter as far as infertility is concerned.

Virility and Infertility are Different

There are some men who think that just because they are sexually active, they cannot be infertile. This is a prevailing myth, especially among Indian men, where the tendency to blame their spouses for not conceiving, when they lead sexually active lives, has caused many marriages to breakup or otherwise be stressed.

There is a difference between semen and sperm count, and just because you are able to ejaculate and lead an active sex life does not mean that you do not suffer from low sperm count. Further, there is also a nuanced difference between impotency and infertility wherein many men confuse premature ejaculation with infertility and vice versa. The best course of action in such cases would be to seek the help of experts in dedicated setups such as Andrology Center that deals with the problem of male infertility.

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