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Andrology is the branch of medicine concerned with male health, focusing on the reproductive and urological aspects. It is now widely accepted that the male factor is responsible for about 40% of the causes of infertility, female factor for 40% and in 20% of the cases there is a combined male and female factor involved. Even with such a high incidence of male factor involvement, this branch of medicine has not been given due importance. We believe that the time has come, where attention needs to be paid to various social and physiological aspects of the male partner, in order to get a better understanding of the causes of male infertility. We are proud to be a first of its kind centre focusing exclusively on a complete review of male health, with respect to male infertility and sexual health in Coimbatore.
Andrology Center is the FIRST & ONLY centre in India licensed to provide the genuine Sperm Chromatin Structure Assay or SCSA® test, which is the GOLD STANDARD in Sperm DNA Fragmentation testing. This US based patented test was invented by Dr. Donald Evenson, a pioneer in the field of Sperm DNA Fragmentation testing.

Dr. Don Evenson, Founder of SCSA® Diagnostics, USA talking about the relevance of the SCSA® Test in Male Infertility

The SCSA® Test quickly and accurately identifies sperm with DNA fragmentation which are less likely to achieve a full term pregnancy. The report formats have been standardized as per worldwide specifications, and the report values generated by Andrology Center can be used with complete confidence against the clinically validated threshold values which have clinical significance. The SCSA® Test is the next step in Male infertility testing, helping couples seeking fertility treatment answer previously unanswered questions.

What our Clients say

Infertility Specialist Dr. Raju R Nair

“I specifically selected this SCSA® test for our patients with poor semen samples, repeat IUI failures..etc. This test helps as a counseling tool for further treatment decisions.” “I strongly recommend this SCSA® test”

Dr. Raju R Nair, Mitera Hospital - Kottayam
Infertility Specialist Dr. Priya Selvaraj

“I have found the SCSA test to be extremely useful in guiding me with mode of treatment in male infertility. I also like the way the report is generated although of course, as the attending clinician and embryologist it is ultimately our decision to offer what we think is best for the patient. Of all the current tests available, I prefer this as a screening tool for allowing us to decide which laboratory method the patient will be eligible for-conventional ICSI, IMSI or PICSI. It also provides a valuable guide on selecting patients for IUI.”

Dr. Priya Selvaraj, GG Hospital - Chennai
Infertility Specialist Dr. Mirudhubashini Govindharajan
“We are very pleased with our decision to use the SCSA Test offered for the first time in india by Andrology Center, Coimbatore.
This superior method for assessing the quality of Sperm DNA has revolutionised our treatment management in the field of Male Infertility. The unique HDS value provided in the report has been especially helpful in clinical decision making and management.
The service offered by Andrology Center, from collection of samples to report generation and interpretation have been very professional. If and when necessary, the centre also provides support for clinical interpretation leading to decision making. This has certainly been a value addition for the services that we provide to our infertile couple.”
Dr. Mirudhubashini Govindarajan, Womens Center and Hospitals - Coimbatore
Infertility Specialist Dr. Rajeev Agarwal

“It’s a wonderful experience working with Andrology Center. They are really professional and reports are very accurate. The DNA fragmentation Index (DFI) & High DNA stainability (HDS) is quite effective in our daily practice. We had a good experience working with them.”

Dr. Rajeev Agarwal, Care IVF
Infertility Specialist Dr. Mamata Deenadayal
“It has directionalised our treatment plans to a large extent, in terms of choosing which patient – which treatment… so prognostication has become easier and a better and a more successful route is now chosen. We use this test to our patients for accuracy, quality, the concordance with Clinical findings, and of course Dr Tara who is always ever ready to solve all our queries and always willing to help us understand new concepts.”
Dr. Mamata Deenadayal, Infertility Institute And Research Center (IIRC) - Hyderabad
Infertility Specialist Dr. Aarti Deenadayal
“In Case of unexplained infertility, patient with normozoospermia, failed 6 IUI before reporting to us… high DFI of 49 was noted… Urologist consulted and intervened… varicocele ligation done… 6 months later.. patient conceived spontaneously after repeat DFI was 22.”
“I would definitely recommend this SCSA test”
Dr. Aarti Deenadayal Tolani, Infertility Institute And Research Center (IIRC) - Hyderabad

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