Blood Tests


Andrology Blood Test, Andrology panel test 1, 2 Blood tests A very intrinsic part of our body is the circulatory system consisting of blood. A normal adult has about 5 liters of blood in the body. A healthy body requires the right blood circulation which helps in supplying oxygen and [...]

Manual Semen Analysis


Semen AnalysisAndrology Center offers comprehensive manual semen analysis adhering to the stringent standards of the World Health Organization's 6th Edition criteria. This state-of-the-art evaluation methodically assesses key sperm parameters, including concentration, motility, morphology, and vitality, to provide a thorough understanding of male reproductive health. Our expert analysis ensures precise, reliable [...]

Semen Culture


Semen Culture Test: Essential for Male Infertility EvaluationMicroorganisms and bacteria present in semen can contribute to oxidative stress, a condition where there is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body. This oxidative stress can damage sperm DNA, leading to DNA fragmentation. High levels of DNA fragmentation in [...]

Semen TB PCR


Semen TB PCR Tuberculosis, more commonly recognized as TB, is well-known to all as a pulmonary disease that causes severe symptoms in affected persons. But it is not a very well known fact that TB can also be one of the uncommon reasons for infertility in a male. What is [...]



Karyotyping Karyotype refers to the complete set of the chromosome in an individual. The test that determines the total number and the growth or structure is called as Karyotyping. So anything that refers to Karyotyping is nothing but the evaluation of the size, shape and the number of chromosomes [...]

AI Semen Analysis


AI Semen Analysis at Andrology Center Coimbatore Welcome to Andrology Center Coimbatore, where advanced technology meets expert care in the field of male fertility. One of our flagship services is the AI Semen Analysis, a cutting-edge approach to evaluating male fertility potential with precision and accuracy. What is Semen Analysis? [...]

Semen ROS Test


Semen ROS Test - Unveiling Reproductive Health Semen ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) Test is a valuable diagnostic tool offered at Andrology Center Coimbatore to assess male reproductive health. This test evaluates the levels of ROS in the semen, providing critical insights into a man's fertility potential. What is Semen [...]

Hormone Blood Tests


Hormone Blood Tests - Balancing Your Reproductive HealthAt Andrology Center Coimbatore, we understand that hormones play a pivotal role in male reproductive health and overall well-being. Our specialized hormone blood tests, including assessments for testosterone, progesterone, prolactin, and estradiol, are designed to provide comprehensive insights into your hormonal balance, ensuring [...]

Serology Blood Tests


Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Blood Tests - Your Health, Our PriorityAt Andrology Center Coimbatore, we recognize the importance of sexual health as an integral component of overall well-being. Our comprehensive range of blood tests includes screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B and HIV. These [...]

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