Semen Culture

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Semen culture

What is Semen Culture test?

Semen culture test is the laboratory test, which is done to check the presence of the microorganisms in the semen. This test is done for any male patient after the observation of their semen sample or other symptomatic conditions. When the semen sample contains white blood cells in it, doctors suggest the patient, undergoes this test. This also helps in identifying the particular microorganism and thereby finding the correct antibiotic for treatment.

How does this test work?

The semen sample of the patient is collected under sterile conditions and the collected sample should be processed in the laboratory as soon as possible. Then the semen sample is cultured or checked for any microorganisms like bacteria by inoculating it in a growth media, under laboratory conditions. The microbe/bacterium present in the semen culture is identified. Once the organism is recognized, an antibiotic sensitivity test is carried out. This test will help the doctors understand the correct antibiotic that can be given to the patient to treat the infectious condition.

Who is this test for?

The semen culture test is for male patients who have certain health conditions as follows.

  • When couples have problem getting pregnant or suffer from some clinical symptoms pertaining to their genital area
  • When the patient’s semen is found to have white blood cells during semen analysis
  • When there is burning sensation or bloody discharge from the genital organ

For such conditions, the doctor advises the patient’s semen to be cultured and checked for the presence of microorganisms.

Benefits of the test

This test is beneficial for couples undergoing treatment for infertility and also to have a check on the reproductive health of a male. A semen culture test is always done before an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or an Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI) procedure. Any pathogenic substances in the semen can be identified using this test and appropriate treatment given before doing the above clinical procedures.

Semen culture test helps to identify the causative agent (bacteria) or the microorganism that causes an infectious condition (pathogen) in the semen of a man. This test can also be used to check if the patient has a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and also in the diagnosis and treatment of Bacterial prostatitis or any infection of the male reproductive gland.

Semen culture test results

This test reveals the pathogenic bacteria that might be the reason behind the infection in the male reproductive organ. The test is further extended to check different antibiotics that might be used to treat the infection. So this test will help the doctors diagnose and treat the patient effectively.

How can I get a Semen culture test done?

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