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Andrology Center offers a wide range of diagnostic services for a comprehensive Male Reproductive workup.

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Blood Tests

Andrology Blood Test, Andrology panel test 1, 2 Blood tests A very intrinsic part of our body is the circulatory system consisting of blood. A normal adult has about 5 liters of blood in the [...]


Semen Culture

Semen culture What is Semen Culture test? Semen culture test is the laboratory test, which is done to check the presence of the microorganisms in the semen. This test is done for any male patient [...]


Semen TB PCR

Semen TB PCR Tuberculosis, more commonly recognized as TB, is well-known to all as a pulmonary disease that causes severe symptoms in affected persons. But it is not a very well known fact that TB [...]



Karyotyping Karyotype refers to the complete set of the chromosome in an individual. The test that determines the total number and the growth or structure is called as Karyotyping. So anything that refers to [...]

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